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    Flying Success at Gatwick Hotel

    arrow Back to portfolio 11th July 2022

    Sunsquare was contacted by the owner of a Holiday Inn hotel at Gatwick Airport during lockdown. The hotel was being used to house quarantined travellers at the time when the building works had begun, so it was a very tricky site to work on at the time.

    The drawings included a change of skylight for the foyer from a large pyramid to a hexagonal flat skylight, as well as 8 large skylights in the conference/entertainment suite. All of the skylights required the frames to be able to withstand the weight of quite large lights which would have to be hanging from the frames and subframes. On the skylight in the foyer, Sunsquare designed a hexagonal skylight with  4 pieces of shaped glass supported by a frame that could also take up to 100kg in weight from the frames. The skylights in the conference room were made in 8 pieces, but a subframe was designed to give an internal look of 16 pieces with lighting attached to the subframe.


    This project took just over a year from initial enquiry to completion. Actual glazing was done over 6 days split, as we did the foyer and then the banqueting room. Restrictions were tricky at first as even getting in to do a site survey meant that you had to take a test and wait in a room before being allowed into the rest of the hotel. Guests were not an issue generally, as our work was mainly in areas that were not frequented. However, when we initially got there to install the foyer area skylight, restrictions were still in place, so this was very tricky to do.


    The owners of the hotel are absolutely thrilled with the end result as it adds a dramatic effects to the areas below the skylights as well as allowing the designer lighting to be appreciated.

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