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Flat Roof Skylight Replacement for a Private Client


The Skylight Brief

The asphalted roof finish was sound and so our client did not want to disturb the installed and weathered upstand or surrounding flat roof finish.

We suggested removing the existing lantern-light style skylights to replace them with a more contemporary frameless thermally broken solution.

The Sunsquare Solution

Sunsquare manufactured two SkyView fixed skylights, and because they were being installed onto pre-installed and weathered flat upstands, we were also asked to provide a fully insulated “upstand adapter”, to create a 5° fall, for water run off.

Sunsquare carefully dismantled and removed the existing lantern-style skylights and fixed our minimal insulated upstand adapter piece to the top of the existing flat, asphalted upstands. These were then weathered with code 4 lead to ensure longevity and our SkyView skylights, each measuring 1200 x 3000mm (internal opening size), were installed creating the contemporary look the client desired.

Completion date: August 2010

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