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After purchasing a small plot of land in East London, couple Joe Stuart, a design engineer, and service designer Lina Nilsson, began to create their dream home featuring a bespoke rooflight. The results were stunning and Sunsquare is proud to have played a part in creating a house which is so energy efficient it can be heated using only eight lightbulbs.

Joe and Lina’s desire to create a home for themselves that was completely carbon neutral came with challenges and setbacks, but once the camera panned over the finished product it was clear that they achieved something special. They asked Sunsquare to jointly design, manufacture and install an entirely bespoke rooflight to make this possible.

Joe designed a split level, six half floor house that cleverly maximises space and includes a basement that involved excavating the entire plot. At 83 square meters it may be the smallest two double bedroom house that you’re allowed to build in the capital — but they were determined to stop wasting money on rent and end their frustration at not being able to buy property. They bought the plot for £73k and had a budget of just £160k for the project. Joe gave up his day job to project manage and even help with building the house.

The rooflight, made of aluminium and engineered timber, is quadruple glazed and covers the entire width of the house. It floods the interior with natural light and, thanks to the electronic opening facility of the Aero Electric Access rooflight, also creates a roof terrace above the two-bedroom home.

James Boughton, joint owner of Sunsquare, said: “The aim was to build a completely carbon neutral home and it’s been so successful that eight light bulbs can heat the whole house. Because of this, the house is designed to automatically adjust to accommodate additional body heat and weather fluctuations. Our rooflight helps to make this possible. Its design was a collaborative effort between ourselves and Joe… and we are delighted that it was featured on Grand Designs for its sheer innovation. This is a truly remarkable and fascinating home and it was a privilege to be a part of bringing it to fruition.”

Justin Seldis, Managing Director commented: “Joe and Lina chose us as we were the only people they thought capable of making their vision into a reality.”

Sunsquare have long been recognised as pioneers in the rooflight industry, offering high standard products and services through ongoing investment in design, technology and by improving their processes and this project is another example of how integral a rooflight can be to architectural design. It truly brought the wow factor to the project.

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