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Battery back-up panel

Enjoy the full functionality of your electric opening skylight’s features 24/7 with our Battery Back-Up Panel, providing a constant source of power to your roof window that you can depend upon in the event of mains power loss. From £395
Skylight battery backup panel

Sunsquare’s Touchscreen Programmable Controller has been developed to automate the full operation of your Sunsquare opening skylight, based on infinitely definable parameters.

Flush-mounted to an internal wall, the controller is unobtrusive, allowing you to set a programme of operation to exactly suit your lifestyle. Our touchscreen interface gives clients the ability to use their skylight to suit their lifestyle, based on a host of environmental factors. The programmable controller can actively monitor the environmental conditions around the skylight and react to changing conditions in line with your programming.

For instance, if living areas become too humid, it’s possible to programme your controller to open and cool air temperatures. Similarly, when your skylight is open, your controller can be programmed to close when wind speeds or precipitation reaches set levels, completely integrating with the environment around you. Manual operation is equally straightforward with simple opening and closing icons on the interface allowing you to override automated functionality.



It’s extremely unobtrusive during day-to-day operation. The Back-Up Panel has been cleverly engineered to intelligently charge the built-in battery from the normal 230V AC mains supply, only switching to ‘Emergency Mode’ in the event of mains power loss. Put simply, it’s always there when you need it and is yet another way we provide our clients with 100% peace of mind. The back-up panel is capable of completing an average of 35 operating cycles (open/close) while running via ‘Emergency Mode’, powered solely by the efficiency battery. This should be enough to guard against even the most serious of mains power failures.


And once the normal 230V AC mains power returns, the PSU1 panel will automatically revert to normal operation, allowing the battery to be recharged in full. In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to worry about power loss and our state-of-the-art technology allows our clients to enjoy our products day in, day out.


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Complete protection and peace of mind, with warranties up to 10 years.

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10 Year warranty on all Sunsquare rooflight frames

1 Year warranty on all Sunsquare rooflight glass

1 Year warranty on all electrical components

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Our electronically controlled flat roof windows are the only rooflights of their type in the UK to surpass the rigorous BSI Kitemark standards. We want you to know that you can buy safe in the knowledge our Aero Electric rooflights outperform the competition when it comes to weather tightness, air permeability and extreme wind loading.

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We will not share your details with any third parties. Our full privacy policy can be found here.

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