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      Frequently Asked

      Do Sunsquare provide U-values with skylights they manufacture? arrow cross

      Yes. Due to the Kitemark accreditation, we are able to provide true U-values for every skylight we manufacture.

      We measure a U-value on our entire product, not just the glass, which is a way of misleading a customer in our industry. Please ask for an overall U-value rather than a centre pane one, which only partly informs. It is vital to get this measurement right to allow building regulations to be adhered to.

      Where can I find Sunsquare showrooms? arrow cross

      Our UK headquarters is located in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk on the Moreton Hall Industrial Estate, where you can meet the team, see our range of BSI-accredited skylights and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Sunsquare has a permanent display of skylights at the BRE innovation park in Watford. The display is situated outside the visitor’s centre in the park and contains a vast majority of the range that is available from Sunsquare

      The display also features our weather station, solar panel and touch screen control panel. The BRE is a centre of excellence in innovation of both building design and products and displays the very latest in both.

      For anyone that would like to meet our team there please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0845 2263172

      What warranty and guarantees do I have? arrow cross

      The entire Sunsquare skylight range is covered by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, including all items supplied except electrical components which are covered by their own separate two-year warranty.

      The insulating glass units used in the manufacture of your skylight(s) are covered by a 25-year unit seal guarantee.

      Nickel Sulphide inclusions are a rare yet accepted anomaly within glass. No glazing manufacturers are able to provide a warranty against breakages from this phenomena. This, therefore, means that Sunsquare will not be able to offer a warranty against breakage of this nature.

      Is my Sunsquare skylight thermally broken? arrow cross

      Our entire range of contemporary rooflights are truly thermally broken to help your property stay warmer and drier.

      For a skylight to be entirely thermally broken you should expect to see polyamide sections dividing all materials that sit across the internal to external parts of your building. This is the only effective means of maintaining insulation and, subsequently, the climatic control of your property.

      Do I have to be available to sign for my skylight? arrow cross

      An adult must be available at the delivery address to carefully check the unloading of your skylight, the product itself, sign and acknowledge receipt in a safe and satisfactory condition.
      Please report any defects immediately upon delivery to our Customer Services department.

      For boxed products, you are only required to sign for the packaged goods received. If no-one is available to accept delivery of your skylight, a re-delivery charge of £50 per pallet will apply.

      Will Sunsquare be exhibiting its products anywhere in 2019? arrow cross

      Yes, Sunsquare will be present at the following shows this year:

      Ideal Home Show 2019 in London – 22nd March – 07 April 2019
      Grand Designs Live 2019 in London – 04 – 07 May 2019

      Does Sunsquare have an environmental policy? arrow cross

      At Sunsquare we monitor every vehicle in our delivery fleet to ensure safe and economical driving methods are adhered to at all times.

      With our delivery vehicles covering an average of 11,000 miles per month, our ‘driving style index’ indicates our drivers achieve 90 out of 100 across the board; ensuring that even when in built-up urban areas we are achieving the very best both ecologically and economically.

      Can I visit your factory? arrow cross

      Sunsquare have an industry leading manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment designed to improve the reliability, efficiency and quality of its production.

      We are extremely proud to offer factory tours to prospective customers so that you can see your skylight being manufactured.

      Please call our office on +44 (0)1284 723377 or email our team today to arrange a meeting at our factory.

      How do I know which skylight to choose? arrow cross

      We would write a whole article on the installation process of our flat roof skylights, but this pictorial guide demonstrates it better than any 1,000-word advice page.

      Do I need planning permission for my skylight? arrow cross

      In England and Wales planning permission is not usually required for the installation of new rooflights, subject to the current limits and conditions stipulated by the government’s Planning Portal under Schedule 2, Article 3, part 1, class C permitted development.

      If you’d like to know more about the ins and outs of planning permission and building regulations before buying your skylight then click here.

      What does Sunsquare’s BSI accreditation mean? arrow cross

      In 2014, Sunsquare secured accreditation from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the air permeability, weather tightness and wind resistance against BS 6375-1:2009 of our SkyView, Aero, Horizon and Pyramid skylight products.

      As the UK’s first flat roof skylight manufacturer to receive such verification, Sunsquare’s accreditation means you can buy in confidence knowing that we are committed to best practice, continuous improvement and providing you with skylights that meet strict performance targets.

      Which side will the hinges be on my Aero skylight? arrow cross

      Unless otherwise stated, the hinges are always positioned along the longest edge of your skylight.

      Can I retro-fit the various options to the Aero range? arrow cross

      Yes. The retro-fitting of items such as rain sensors, remote controls and weather packs are possible for the Aero range. It is a simple plug-and-play installation.

      What are the power and wiring requirements for Aero skylights? arrow cross

      Please download one of the following guides for full information for the wiring of either:

      Aero Standard 230v AC (Ventilation Only Model)
      Aero Access 24v DC (Ventilation & Access Model)

      How high does the upstand need to be from the roof surface? arrow cross

      The upstand must be fully weathered to 150mm above the roof surface at its lowest point.

      Can I use my own upstand? arrow cross

      Our very own upstands – that you can purchase with one of our rooflights – are fully insulated and manufactured with the recommended 5-degree pitch and a minimum height of 150mm; ensuring adequate water run-off and that your new skylight fits and fits well.

      However, should you not wish to purchase an upstand with us, a good carpenter should be able to build an upstand with the required specification that enables your skylight to sit at the appropriate angle.

      Do you offer an installation service? arrow cross

      Our products are designed for simple installation – ideally onto one of our upstands. However, we do provide a dedicated installation service for complex and bespoke projects.

      The area we cover for installation is primarily London and the South East of England, but please call us to discuss your installation requirements as we will consider each order and its installation on an individual basis.

      When the skylight is delivered, do you get it onto my roof? arrow cross

      If you choose the ‘delivery only’ option we will deliver your skylight to the kerbside at your chosen delivery address or, in the event of restricted vehicle access, the nearest accessible point, not to the roof.

      For more complex and bespoke skylights we do offer an installation service with our team covering mainly London and the surrounding areas.

      Do you have a site survey service? arrow cross

      We are very happy to come and visit a site to check the measurements and suitability of the site depending on the complexity of the project.

      In many cases, however, we simply work to our customers’ measurements using our brand new state-of-the-art machining facility.

      How will my skylight be packaged? arrow cross

      At Sunsquare we take the packaging procedure of our products very seriously. As one of the market leaders, we want our rooflights to arrive exactly as they left our production factory. As a result we use the following measures to package your skylight:

      the glass is cleaned and quality checked
      bubble wrap is fixed on the top of the glass to protect it
      black shrink wrap is used to wrap the skylight
      capping is fitted along the longest side
      timber legs are attached to each corner
      fragile sticker(s) is applied in visible location on package

      What are my delivery options? arrow cross

      At the time of your initial quotation, we will provide you with an estimated delivery cost. It’s important to appreciate that glass skylights are a reasonably expensive item to ship via courier service, so as a company we have to be very careful when choosing these companies.

      That’s why we try to undertake a large proportion of our deliveries using our very own vehicle fleet.

      At present we cannot offer timed deliveries of our products.

      We are always open to customers arranging their own collections from our state-of-the-art production factory in Bury St Edmunds. This can be done Mon-Fri between 8am and 2pm. (Collections outside these times are by prior arrangement only).

      How much will my skylight weigh? arrow cross

      Below are the nominal weights per square metre for our standard skylight range. A calculation based on these figures should be enough to give you a guide; however, should you need exact weights for a specific application you should contact our sales team who will be only too pleased to provide you with this information.

      Standard SkyView, Aero, Pyramid products = c. 32Kg/m2

      Standard Horizon = c. 94Kg/m2

      Standard Floorlight = c. 90Kg/m2

      What are the delivery times? arrow cross

      At Sunsquare we’re proud to offer some of the best lead times for the delivery of our products in the industry. Our standard range of products are all available in no more than four weeks, with the vast majority of products despatched in as little as three weeks.

      Our minimum delivery times are as follows:

      SkyView – 12 working days
      Aero range – 15 working days
      Pyramid – 20 working days
      Horizon – 20 working days
      Note: Glazing options may increase the delivery times

      How do I place an order? arrow cross

      There are numerous ways to place an order for a Sunsquare rooflight:

      Telephone – give our friendly sales team a call today on +44 (0)1284 723377 to discuss your options and place an order
      Email – drop us a line using our quote request form which gives you the ability to upload your plans and technical drawings to us directly
      We will then send an order confirmation to you. Please check and sign your order confirmation and email or post it back to us.

      We will then create an invoice and send it to you for payment, after which manufacture will commence.

      How do I measure correctly for my skylight? arrow cross

      It is imperative that you provide the correct dimensions for us to manufacture your skylight to.

      We have produced some simple guides for you to follow, all downloadable from here.

      Please follow the instructions and return the information to us either for quotation or ordering purposes.

      What should I look for when buying a skylight? arrow cross

      The design and manufacture of a skylight, and who supplies it, is something to be taken pretty seriously – after all, this piece of glass may well be hanging over children’s heads. The first thing to look for, with that in mind, is ensuring you have laminated glass above you.

      Another vital element is the thermal properties of the skylight. As we are an unregulated industry the quality of manufacture and thermal properties can vary widely between companies and some, take full advantage of blinding with science and providing substandard products.

      It is wise to look for a fully accredited 9001 and 14001 company as this shows dedication to ensuring the business is run well, but also, the Kitemark on the entire product would ensure ultimate performance and safety. A skylight is not something to try to cut costs or corners on.

      Get in touch

      For help and advice with any of our products call 01922 714087

        We have requested the above personal information in best order to answer your query. This information will be emailed to our Sales Team to respond. In some circumstances, the data may be stored in our internal support system for further action. This data is stored indefinitely for reference but you may request its deletion by contacting us. See our full privacy policy.


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