Sunsquare: The market leaders in skylight and roof light design and installation

SkyView rooflights

From £775 +VAT

The SkyView is our most definitive fixed flat rooflight. It combines outstanding thermal performance with sleek, aesthetic appeal. Our SkyView models are accredited for air permeability, weathertightness and wind loading by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Aero Electric Vent rooflight

From £1,650 + VAT

Aero Electric models are traditional rooflights which can be opened and closed electronically, meaning it requires no effort on your part to bring abundant light and ventilation into your home.

Aero Electric Roof Access rooflight

From £2,995 +VAT

The Aero Access is a traditional skylight with a difference: it provides the advantage of opening fully and so has a dual function as an extra point of access to your roof space.

Aero Dual Skylight

Completely unique to Sunsquare, introducing the Aero Dual skylight. For customers that do not have the space for a sliding skylight, but still require larger access areas, the Aero Dual is perfect.

Aero Pyramid Skylight

Sunsquare has developed the first 30 degree opening fully hinged lantern on the market, the Aero Pyramid.

Aero Glide Skylight

The Aero Glide is the next generation of our electronically-operated opening rooflights, creating hugely practical roof openings that offer a unique combination of ventilation, abundant natural light and access to the roof space above.

30º Pitch Pyramid skylights

From £900 +VAT

Our newly developed Pyramid skylight is an architecturally beautiful and contemporary skylight, with its new 30º pitch and single panes designed to maximise the amount of light filtering through to your property.

Pyramid Multi-pane roof lanterns

Our new Pyramid Multi-pane roof lantern is the most advanced on the market, meeting the high Sunsquare standard in providing improved light levels, energy efficiency, and ‘wow factor’ aesthetics.

Horizon walk-on glass roof panels

From £906 + VAT

Horizon walk-on roof lights are ideal for spaces requiring pedestrian access, like roof terraces. They are safe, aesthetically excellent solutions where transparency and light are needed.

Internal walk-on floorlight

From £1,442 + VAT

The walk-on glass floorlight is designed solely for interior use, inviting natural light into rooms below that may not benefit from external windows such as basements and cellars. It is strong, safe and can withstand the weight and pressure of being walked on.

Fire Rated Rooflights

Sunsquare was the first company in the industry to offer structural calculations on all our walk on range. Our walk-on glass flooring can be regularly walked on, is highly durable, and can withstand the weight and pressure of being stood on every day.

Bespoke skylights and roof glazing

Unique flat roof skylights made-to-measure for your project. Each bespoke rooflight is made to exact specifications using industry leading technology, resulting in a stylish rooflight that is safe and energy efficient; complete with a full warranty.

Remote control

From £195

This slender control allows the operator to open and close the skylight without the requirement of a standard switch.

Heated rain sensor

From £375

This intelligent sensor triggers the closing of the skylight in rainy conditions.

Weather pack

From £650

Our Weather Pack option provides all the benefits of the heated rain sensor with a wind sensor and triggers the closing of the skylight in both high winds and rainy conditions.


From £200

Upstands play an important role in ensuring your new skylight sits and fits well. They are the frames that a skylight sits on, creating enough height from the roof surface and enough pitch for the water to run off the skylight.

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