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Internal walk-on floorlight

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The internal walk-on floorlight is designed solely for interior use, encouraging natural light into darkened rooms below such as cellars and basements.

This stunning internal floorlight is simply the only choice for properties with rooms that lack abundant levels of natural daylight. The floorlight can be used to encourage natural light from floors above into rooms below, enhancing your quality of life.

Our walk-on glass flooring is built to be regularly walked on. It is highly durable, safe and can withstand the weight and pressure of being stood on each and every day. The floorlight can be purchased and fitted as a single panel for standalone use or as part of a multi-panel larger floor area. It’s this flexibility which makes the Sunsquare walk-on floorlight range ideal for all types of home renovations.

Why choose Sunsquare?

Our interior walk-on glazing not only transforms levels of natural light in multi-floor properties, it breaks the mould for safety standards in comparison with other flush-fitting internal glass panels available on the market.

Our interior floorlights are the only internal glass floor panels which surpass the BSI’s rigorous Kitemark standards.

So if you’re looking to add abundant levels of natural light into a darkened room below, you can buy our walk-on floorlights safe in the confidence that our products have been tested against the most extreme conditions, ensuring their safety, durability and practicality for your home.

We’re setting the benchmark for the UK skylight industry in so many ways:

  • The first and only skylight manufacturer to obtain the BSI Kitemark for its entire range of products
  • Unparalleled thermal performance
  • Product safety and security
  • 20-year glazing guarantees
  • 35-year warranty on upstands
  • Design innovation acknowledged by the BRE
  • Fast, reliable lead times
  • Strict environmental policies – recycling or reusing 97% of our waste
  • Unrivalled value for money

Transforming levels of natural light in multi-floor properties

Our interior walk-on glass floors are specifically designed to fit flush with the floor so that you maintain all the function of the floor whilst illuminating the room below with the precious commodity of natural light; adding value to your day-to-day lives and your property as a whole by bringing previously inhabitable areas – such as basements or cellars – back to life.

As the UK’s only skylight designer and manufacturer to have its entire range BSI Kitemarked, you can buy from us in confidence, safe in the knowledge that every single one of our floorlights is designed truly fit for purpose; refined through rigorous prototyping and built to your exact sizes and glazing specification.

Choose from multiple glazing specifications

Our numerous glass specifications can add a unique touch to your own Sunsquare floorlight. With clear, obscured and tinted glazing options available, you can secure the very best in both style and privacy for your home.

With the introduction of a laminated inner pane as standard on all our rooflights, we're also leading the way in providing a safer and more secure rooflight with the added benefit of filtering out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Optional anti-slip treatments available

At Sunsquare we are focused on providing your valued clients with interior glass floors that are supremely practical. Our floorlight can even be used in busy living areas such as kitchens and bathrooms when combined with our optional anti-slip glass treatment. These areas can regularly become wet, so our anti-slip specification can provide the ultimate in safety and style.

For more information or to place an order for a Horizon Walk-on floorlight, please contact our experienced sales team on +44 (0)1284 846576 or drop us a line using our online contact form.

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