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Touchscreen programmable controller

From £1495

Fully automate the operation of your electric roof window with our state-of-the-art controller, complete with easy touchscreen interface.

Sunsquare’s Touchscreen Programmable Controller has been developed to automate the full operation of your Sunsquare opening skylight, based on infinitely definable parameters.

Flush-mounted to an internal wall, the controller is unobtrusive, allowing you to set a programme of operation to exactly suit your lifestyle.

Our touchscreen interface gives clients the ability to use their skylight to suit their lifestyle, based on a host of environmental factors. The colour screen display allows you to scroll through the following options:

  • Outdoor and indoor temperatures
  • Indoor air humidity
  • Light levels (including intensity and direction with twilight recognition)
  • Wind speed
  • Rain
  • Time and date

The programmable controller can actively monitor the environmental conditions around the skylight and react to changing conditions in line with your programming.

For instance, if living areas become too humid, it’s possible to programme your controller to open and cool air temperatures. Similarly, when your skylight is open, your controller can be programmed to close when wind speeds or precipitation reaches set levels, completely integrating with the environment around you.

Manual operation is equally straightforward with simple opening and closing icons on the interface allowing you to override automated functionality.

Programmable Skylight functions

  • Opening when above selected internal temperature
  • Opening when above selected internal humidity level
  • Close when external air temperatures are higher than internal night-time cooling cycle
  • Daily forced closure (external temperature block)
  • Frost alarm (closure in case of rain below set temperatures)
  • Rain alarm (closure or move to gap opening when precipitation is detected)
  • Wind alarm (close when set wind speeds are exceeded)
  • Close when air conditioning and/or mechanical cooling is active
  • Control up to four Sunsquare Skylights

Why choose Sunsquare?

As the UK skylight industry’s only manufacturer to surpass the rigorous BSI Kitemark standards, at Sunsquare our technical team continually push the boundaries of design and technology.

With continual investment in our manufacturing facility, we endeavour to develop and produce state-of-the-art accessories to allow the simple, safe, unbroken use of our electric operated rooflights.

Sunsquare is dedicated to setting the benchmark for excellence in the UK skylight industry in so many ways:

  • Sunsquare were the first rooflight manufacture to be awarded a BSI kitemark for a rooflightUnparalleled thermal performance
  • New standards for product safety and security
  • 20-year glazing and three-year electrical guarantees
  • 35-year warranty on upstands
  • Design innovation acknowledged by the BRE
  • Fast, reliable lead times
  • Strict environmental policies – recycling or reusing 97% of our waste
  • Unrivalled value for money

For more information or to place an order for a Touchscreen Programmable Controller, please contact our experienced sales team on +44 (0)1284 846576 or drop us a line using our online contact form.

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