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Upstands play an important role in ensuring your new skylight sits and fits well. They are the frames that a skylight sits on, creating enough height from the roof surface and enough pitch for the water to run off the skylight.

All Sunsquare Upstands are machine-made and computer calculated in our state-of-the-art factory to exacting specifications, ensuring that all our BSI Kitemarked flat roof skylights fit perfectly for every single project.

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At Sunsquare you can buy a bespoke Upstand to ensure a hassle-free fit for your Sunsquare rooflight direct from our online store.

Outstanding energy performance

While our Upstands are entirely optional to purchase with your Sunsquare rooflight, we highly recommend that you do. Our industry-leading Upstands are constructed from a unique sandwich panel, providing a U-value of 0.58 and 0% condensation risk, offering you complete peace of mind.

We design and manufacture our Upstands in collaboration with Warren Insulation – a nationwide specialist in this industry – so you can rest assured the highly sophisticated insulating foam used in our Upstands are of the highest standard, tested to take into consideration all possible flat roof issues.

Built to make lives easier

Architects and those in the construction trade are always impressed by the build quality and practicality of our Upstands. Your builder or roofer can continue to work safe in the knowledge that, providing a weathered Sunsquare Upstand is fitted, installing one of our market-leading skylights will take only a matter of minutes.

For further information on the benefits of our factory-made Upstands visit our guide to Sunsquare Upstands within our blog.

Why choose Sunsquare?

As the UK skylight industry’s only manufacturer to surpass the rigorous BSI Kitemark standards, at Sunsquare our technical team continually push the boundaries of design and technology.

You can purchase a Sunsquare Upstand with any of our Kitemarked skylights safe in the knowledge that it’s a hassle-free, accurate and building regulations-sensitive way of ensuring your roof window fits properly, at the right angle and with no possibility of future issues.

We’re continually raising the bar for excellence in the UK skylight industry:

For more information or to place an order for a Sunsquare Upstand, please contact our experienced sales team on +44 (0)1284 846576 or drop us a line using our online contact form.

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