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Skylights For Home Extensions

Sunsquare skylights stand out as the top choice for architects, contractors, and homeowners, chosen for their unparalleled quality and longevity. Whether you’re converting a humble garden shed into a cosy extension or expanding on your kitchen, Sunsquare skylights offer a range of benefits to make your home and new extension more enjoyable.

Which Sunsquare Skylight is Right For Your Home Extension?

At Sunsquare, we provide a variety of skylight options suitable for your extension. Choose from fixed or operable designs to elevate and enhance any room according to your style and needs.

Our Skyview Rooflight is a sleek and simple fixed option, ideal for well-ventilated spaces, allowing sunlight to enter your space. The Multi-pane Pyramid Rooflight and 30° Pitch Pyramid Skylight offer a unique feature point as well as practicality. For improved air circulation and ventilation our Aero Electric Vent Rooflight allows fresh air in, promoting a productive atmosphere for your home office. If you’re looking for stunning aesthetics and practicality, the Aero Pyramid Skylight offers both.

The Transformative Power Of Home Extension Skylights 

By adding a Sunsquare skylight to your home extension, you can enhance your property in many ways. Extensions can sometimes feel dark and cramped, especially if they are surrounded by walls and window space is not viable. Benefit from a range of benefits from installing a skylight in your extension.

Brighten Dark Areas

Extensions often suffer from poor natural lighting, especially if they're built in areas with limited access to sunlight. A skylight strategically placed in the extension can flood the space with natural light, brightening up previously dim or dark areas.

Space Optimisation

Extensions can sometimes feel cramped or confined, but by introducing a skylight, you can visually expand the space by drawing the eye upward and creating a sense of openness. Natural light can make the extension feel more airy and spacious.

Connect with the Outdoors

Extensions often lack direct access to outdoor views, especially if they're surrounded by other walls and structures. A skylight allows you to enjoy glimpses of the sky, clouds, or stars.

Enhance Features

Skylights can be integrated into an extension to accentuate architectural features or highlight specific areas within the space, adding visual interest and character to the extension's interior.

Improve Functionality

Whether the extension serves as a living room, home office, or additional bedroom, adequate lighting is essential for its functionality. A skylight provides consistent, natural light throughout the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Why Choose Sunsquare?

At Sunsquare, our skylights offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency, becoming the first Skylight company in the country to be BSI Kitemark certified. When you choose Sunsquare you can enjoy the following benefits:

  Product ranges that excel in sire safety and structural stability standards.
Peace of mind with a generous 25-year guarantee.

  A manufacturer’s warranty of 35 years.

  Sustainably sourced materials from sustainably managed forests that adhere to stringent environmental guidelines.

  Upstands with outstanding thermal efficiency with a remarkable U value as low as 0.58 W/m²K, surpassing the thermal performance criteria outlined in Building Regulations.

Recommended Skylights For Your Home Extension

Why You Need A Sunsquare Upstand

For maximum skylight performance, a tailored Sunsquare upstand offers a seamless fit and high standards of both functionality and aesthetics. Upstands can provide:

  Insulation and Energy Efficiency

  Fire Performance

  Structural Support


We have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every upstand sold.


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Our skylights can be custom-made to meet the specific dimensions and specifications of your project. 


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We will not share your details with any third parties. Our full privacy policy can be found here.

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