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The Sunsquare Technical section is designed to provide architects and specifiers with all the detail and data you need to better understand Sunsquare rooflights and how they can make a difference to your projects. Sunsquare has long pioneered architecturally stunning flat roof skylights that can transform your clients’ living and working environments with abundant natural light and comfortable ambient temperatures.

Technical drawings

Sunsquare provides technical drawings for each of its rooflight products, specifying aspects such as external dimensions of frames, structural internal openings and all other important components you’ll need to specify a Sunsquare skylight for your client’s project and ensure the perfect installation with minimal fuss.

Product datasheets

We’ve put together free downloadable datasheets for all our rooflights featuring all the technical specifications necessary to enable architects and specifiers to make the right decision for clients’ projects. If you cannot find a flat rooflight solution that meets your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced sales team. We make skylights for all sizes and configurations, so if you’re specifying for a client with more bespoke needs simply submit their dimensions and drawings to us using our online contact form.

Part L U-values

Changes to Part L Building Regulations mean that the new system limits U-values for windows, external doors and rooflights to just 1.4. Within our Part L technical page we specify the exact U-values for each product, putting you and your clients firmly in picture of the energy performance you can expect from a Sunsquare skylight. We can confidently state that all our rooflights surpass Building Regulations with ease, but we’ve got the facts and figures here whenever you need them.


At Sunsquare we are well-versed at working with architects via the National Building Specification (NBS) in order to guarantee the workmanship quality and configurations of each rooflight we manufacture. This gives clients ultimate peace of mind when receiving architectural drawings and tender documentation.

RIBA Product Selector

The UK’s primary building products library for construction professionals, RIBA Product Selector gives specifiers direct access to product information, technical specifications and contact information from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from across the country. Click here to view our products within our RIBA Product Selector page.

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